Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo GSMP

Goodfellow's tree kangaroos (Dendrolagus goodfellowi) are classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List due to an ongoing population decline of at least 50% over the past three generations in their range country of Papua New Guinea. The captive population of Goodfellow's tree kangaroos is very small, less than 50 individuals, and there is a high degree of relatedness between animals.


A WAZA Global Species Management Plan (GSMP) for Goodfellow's tree kangaroos was established in 2012 and the first GSMP master-planning meeting was hosted by Melbourne Zoo in Australia during the International Tree Kangaroo Workshop. This workshop brought together an international audience of captive holders and people working on tree kangaroo conservation in the wild.


The GSMP is supported by regional zoo and aquarium associations and institutions in Australia, Europe, North America, Japan and Singapore. The primary goal of the GSMP is to enhance the sustainability of the captive population globally, but also to act as an insurance population should there be a catastrophic decline in the wild. The GSMP will help facilitate international transfers that will be inevitably needed given population demographic and genetic parameters. Furthermore, the GSMP will form a model for working towards integrating animals held in range state Papua New Guinea.


It is hoped that the GSMP will provide the platform for greater integration between in situ conservation agencies and captive facilities, and will ultimately assist to conserve Goodfellow's tree kangaroos in the wild.


Megan Richardson - GSMP Convenor and International Studbook Keeper.