HRH Prince of Wales


 HRH Prince of Wales, July 2012, Highgrove (© WAZA)


"It seems to me that the interdependent web of connections, relationships and flows of energy, the finely woven tapestry of life, is undoubtedly the greatest marvel ever placed before us."


"I have for many years been privileged to spend time speaking with and learning from some of the world´s leading experts on the natural world. Today they have a new name for this tremendous variety of life: it´s called biodiversity. The most incredible fact about the multiplicity of forms of life and the myriad associations they all form is the amazing variety. The most alarming is the rate at which it is disappearing. There are many stories that underline the urgency we face in stemming the tide of biodiversity loss that is taking place all around us."


"Alongside changes to our planet´s atmosphere, the activities of our single species have caused an unprecedented assault on the fabric of life."


"What is more, Nature embraces diversity. The health of each element is enhanced by there being great diversity or, as is now commonly called today, `biological diversity´ or `biodiversity´ for short. The result is a complex web made up of many forms of life. For this web to work best there is a tendency towards variety and away from uniformity and, crucially, no one element can survive for long in isolation. There is a deep mutual interdependence within the system which is active at all levels, sustaining the individual components so that the great diversity of life can flourish within the controlling limits of the whole. In this way, Nature is rooted in wholeness."


HRH Prince of Wales about biodiversity