Worldwide Zoo Consultants (ZoOceanarium Group)





Worldwide Zoo Consultants (ZoOceanarium Group) specializes in development and operations of all types of animal facilities; everything from feasibility all the way through day to day operations.  


They have a large team of professionals onboard with a wide range of technical backgrounds; animal trainers to veterinarians to LSS managers, aquarist, operation directors as well as project managers.  Their team members have experience from reputable companies all over the world, many of which served as managers at each of these facilities; Disney Animal Kingdom (original project team), Sea World Australia, National Zoo of South Africa, New England Aquarium, Ski Dubai penguins, Disney Living Seas, Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Atlantis, Yas Water World, US Navy Bio-Systems, Resorts World Marine Life Park and the Melbourne Aquarium to name a few.  


The company has been involved in many unique projects including the Prague Zoo and Bayworld Oceanarium and Snake Park. We have also served as consultants on the design of several projects including Primorsky Aquarium and Fundazoo Honduras.


The company specializes in development and operations of all types of animal facilities; everything from feasibility all the way through day to day operations.  As they are a relatively young company, most of the projects we are currently involved in are consulting type projects where they assist clients with operational type design elements as well as the operations itself. 


One project they are especially excited about though is a large education and research based science center that they have been involved with over the past year and a half.  Their role has been to serve as the pre-operations team and as construction is completed over the next few months, they will become operator of the facility with 900 animals and 60 staff member; Another project   is the redevelopment of the Dubai Safari Park.  They are currently assisting with the design of the new facilities and will take over operations of the show and interactive components when the redeveloped zoo opens in a year or so. 


For each of their projects, as they typically serve as consultants, they aren't able to force clients to follow specific standards but they have in the past strongly advised to follow international standards set by both WAZA and AZA. 


As mentioned earlier, the company is a member of AZA and they maintain a strong attendance at both the midyear and annual meetings.  Most of our staff is also individual members of IMATA and the company sponsors at least 5 staff members to attend the annual conference every year.


In short, they are a growing company and are a strong supporter and contributor towards WAZA's ‘United for Conservation' motto. 


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