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Torre Design Consortium, Ltd. (a 25-plus year AZA member) has over 35 years of architecture, landscape architecture, exhibit, graphic and interior design experience throughout North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

The firm has done extensive master plans for zoos, aquariums, and a broad range of other projects. The firm has garnered over 100 national state, and regional design awards for their work.


Their designs extend from entry complexes to themed restaurants; aquariums to African savannas, rainforests to desert exhibits. Their experience is focused on a wide variety of building types, zoos and aquariums in many different styles, and designs the capture the history and richness of the environment and times.

From conceptual master planning to detailed design, Torre Design pursues each project with a comprehensive approach that educates and entertains while delineating the interconnectedness of all living things and our world.


Their designs had led to many zoological facilities exceeding their regional population in annual attendance. With a proper balance between exhibit opportunities and visitor services needs, many of their zoos are operationally self-sufficient and are the most popular and most attended of all regional attractions. – “Bringing the World to your Zoo!”




5005 Magazine st

New Orleans, La  


T: 504.899.2932





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