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Rasbach® Architekten is a German-based firm of architects and landscape

architects that beside ordinary architecture has specialized in designing

zoos, wildlife parks, aquaria and museums in Europe and abroad since 1992.

With a team of average 10 professionals we provide complete services from

master planning to exhibit design with projects ranging from small to large scales

regarding sizes and budgets. We aim to strongly work according to our

philosophy -NATURE IS OUR GOAL- , with the focus always on the animal's,

our client's and their customer's needs.



Rasbach® Architekten

Oskarstr. 67

46145 Oberhausen- Germany

T: +49 (208) 64854-0


Fürst-Bismarck-strasse 30

47119 Duisburg

T: +49 (203) 82982



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