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Clax ltalia is the European leader company, specialized in the production of pure cast Acrylic standard and oversize blocks, tunnels and cylinders for underwater use (under the brand name of AQuariA®).


Moreover this production, Clax ltalia has a 40 years old experience in the acrylic production and manufacturing process.

Products and production are totally certified by national and international institutes (as the Germanischer Lloyds certification- including PVH0-1).


For over 30 years the creativity and technological know-how offered by Clax Italy and its technical staff have overstepped the boundaries of production and scientific innovation in acrylic production.

The constant evolution of its know-how has enabled Clax Italy to develop particular products obtained through casting processes involving specific integrated moulds, large, thick monolithic blocks, standard and special plates for food, military, medical and scientific use, as well as chemical collars appropriate for acrylic.


A highly qualified team of experts for any kind of production and installation. From the large AQuariA® blocks, suitable for underwater use, to the implementation and installation of great architectural works made of cast polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).


As a matter of fact, the company's advanced chemical PMMA plants, fully in compliance with ISO 14001 environmental certification, guarantee, apart from extreme transparency and durability, a strict production quality control system aimed at assuring backward traceability of any single plate and/or block.

These plants and technologies have enabled Clax Italy to launch itself into the methacrylate market as the only world producer of large thick UNstratified blocks.



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