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Cairns Marine is Australia's largest and leading supplier of marine life for display, supplying Australian retail outlets, international wholesalers and public aquaria. We are one of just a handful of companies worldwide that is capable of completing initial stocking of large public aquaria.


Cairns Marine is owned and operated by the Squire family, which has been collecting and caring for animals for display since 1964 after purchasing the Cairns Baths and converting them to an oceanarium to display the animals of the Great Barrier Reef to the public for the first time.


Today, the company operates two fully customised 22m vessels collecting under strict licensing and fisheries management conditions from the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Specimens are kept at our custom built holding and husbandry facility in Cairns and are distributed across Australia and around the world.


Cairns Marine employs 40 staff, including highly trained divers, marine biologists and aquarists. The considerable expertise and understanding of the biological geography of the Great Barrier Reef developed over more than 45 years is a valuable asset that is regularly and extensively used by reef researchers and fisheries and protected areas managers.


Our fish, coral, invertebrates, sharks and rays are collected by hand and maintained in premium condition. Our specimens are enjoyed by many millions of home hobbyists and literally hundreds of millions of visitors to large public aquaria around the world.




Cairns Marine

PO Box 5N Cairns North QLD Australia 4870


 T: +61 07 4058 1711


Lyle Squire Jnr.


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