Director's Note

WAZA is the only global organisation representing the world of zoos and aquariums and acts as the voice of a large community of various organisations committed to conservation.


WAZA member institutions are embassies of biodiversity – exhibiting live animals, explaining ecological context through educational programmes and supporting field projects for conservation. The international community of zoos and aquariums forms the biggest conservation organisation worldwide in terms of outreach and financial support. The world zoo and aquarium community reaches out to 700 million visitors and the conservation expenditure of zoos and aquariums worldwide is at least US$ 350 million yearly. Being a biologist by training, I have been employed in the area of research by government agencies, national NGOs and prior to WAZA was working for the Species Programme of WWF International.


Apart from conservation, my personal mission is to make the public aware of the substantial involvement of zoos and aquariums in biodiversity conservation and to support best practice approaches by our members.

  • Gerald Dick

    Gerald Dick

    PhD, MAS Executive Director